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Are you tired of being a slave to addiction? Has your substance abuse negatively affected your work, finances, relationships, reputation, or health? Has addiction finally beaten you and now the cost of using is more than you would like to pay?

Since almost the beginning of time people have drank alcohol or used substances as an enjoyable part of life such as over dinner or a night out. It may be a part of your social life or a rite of passage for a big life milestone. In and of itself alcohol and drugs can have a place for use in medicine, social and cultural activities.

However alcohol and drug use can become a problem based on the effect it has on the person using and those that have contact with the person using drugs/alcohol. 

So when does using drugs or alcohol become a problem? Here are some issues that may indicate you or someone you care about has a problem with drugs /alcohol

  • Drink/use more than you would like

  • Drink/use at times that are difficult to manage – such as having a hangover when you need to give a speech at work, apply for a job, attend a family event, driving under the influence

  • Use can cause issues with relationships

    • May cause damage to relationships with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors

    • Others have voiced concerns about the amount and ways you behave when using

  • There may be severe consequences to drinking / using: Legal, Social, Professional, Relational, Health, Finances, taking care of responsibilities

  • Increased amounts of alcohol/drugs are needed to get the same effect, this is also known as tolerance

  • You may put yourself or others in danger from use of alcohol/drugs

  • Feel the need to be high almost all of the time, can't cope with life without being high

  • Spend excessive time, money, and resources in trying to get the drug / alcohol

Abuse and addiction to drugs / alcohol can take a large toll on the life of the person using and those that have a relationship with the person using. Know that it is not your fault that you feel a strong urge to use; through time addiction can become a habit that is very hard to understand or stop. I have almost a decade of experience and training working with dually diagnosed clients (clients with mental illness and addiction to alcohol/drugs). I provide a non-judgmental space in which you can discuss some of your thoughts, feelings and concerns about your alcohol or drug use or someone that you care about.

If you think you have a problem or someone that you care about has a problem with drugs / alcohol, please call me today to set up a free consultation.