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Are you in constant pain? Does it feel like your family and friends don’t understand what you are going through? Do people imply or accuse you of faking or making your illness worse to get attention? Would you like to break through psychological barriers that affect activity to get back to doing more that you want or need to do?

Anyone who has someone that they care about or personally experienced a health scare, large or small, visible or invisible, knows that our health is a very valuable resource that we often take for granted. Health issues can affect so many different aspects of our lives – physical, behavioral, financial, lifestyle, relationships, sexual, and spiritual are just a few that can negatively affect our lives when we experience illness.

The process of first realizing there is something wrong with your health, seeking treatment, and then getting a diagnosis can be a very overwhelming and scary process. Not to mention some treatments can feel de-humanizing and even traumatizing. The person who is ill, family and friends may begin to feel powerless.

It is no surprise that when chronic illness happens, feelings of anxiety, depression, grief and loss may emerge. The stress of being sick can change how we interact with the people, our environment, work, family, and even with our self. Self-esteem can be shot down to the lowest of lows when one can no longer perform certain tasks or activities. If the stress of an illness continues and increases there are less resources to cope and life could begin to feel hopeless.

With almost a decade of experience working as a Registered nurse (oncology and medical-surgical units), completing my doctoral project on Fibromyalgia, and now working as a licensed psychologist I believe that our physical, mental, and spiritual health are all connected to one another. When dealing with a life crisis or illness it is vital that clients begin the process of learning self-acceptance and self-care. I work collaboratively with my clients to explore and define the best ways to educate themselves about being healthier, helping you to identify and adjust/alter/or change unhealthy behaviors that aren’t working for you anymore, learn to cope with the stress of not feeling your best, focusing on coping techniques that can provide symptom relief of feeling depressed, anxious or grieving losses associated with illness. 

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